Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Run 1720 1/6/15 Spencer Hocking The Park

The run took us around the new water gardens behind the Hockey Centre.These had apparently escaped the notice of D&D as he set his recent run in the same area. Despite the cold, Precious channelled Glider. Errol &Sue hosted the drink stop.
SOS,Bubba, Gilf and Precious were among those welcomed back, putting pressure on the Choirmaster.
Mountie welcomed her Hymen back,not having seen it/him for some time.
Boot was called to task for his failure to carry out his Religious Advisory duties. With Rear Entry brought down by a toothpick and in dire need of clemency, it was expected that our RA would have seen the need for the last rites to be administered ... but not so.
 Shafted had contemplated the possible reason for the Rear Entry gastric incident. George Pell's minions were exonerated as the guilty prick was diagnosed a non-catholic.
The Bill, Bubba, Pebbles and Rowdy were acknowledged for the Magpies lead role in initiating the reconciliation round.
Normal finally got his goblet, Pebbles acheived the English cricket score of 3 four 2 and the integrity Mrs D's coiffure was called into question- particularly the hue.

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