Thursday, June 25, 2015

22/6/15 Hare Pus Bucket Grapes Hotel

With the Hare back from the Far East it was no surprise that the run omitted 3 points of the compass.
Mountie now attends funerals to canvas drink stop venues. We should all follow suit as Jim and Kate set a new high mark in catering.
There was again an attempted insurection during the walk. The Kiwis seem to be involved again.
Glider deputised magnificently as Grogmaster.
We all toasted Joy on Spencer's behalf. That makes three mums lost to Hash recently.
SS employed some subtle algebra to characterize a run as palindromic.
Those who had ignored the Pope's directive to all car pool were noted.
Lois told a couple of Hash jokes which covered most orifices.
Fascinator observed that the late arrival of the fish warranted  renaming of the species to BarraTuesday. He then topped this by winning the raffle - a bottle of wine. Sort of coal to Newcastle.
He is becoming unintentionally funny.

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