Wednesday, June 17, 2015

1722 Royal Mail Cris Cros

All the ingredients of a top run.
Novelty: exploring the under-appreciated Ballarat West
Topicality:We were embroiled in the marriage equality debate
Drink Stop Excellence: Runners and walkers coincided with much grog left over. This latter aspect was aided by Shafted's inability to find us.
Prompt Food Service: No waiting for excellent pub food.
Armchairs  and a fire for the less mobile hashers.
Most of the run took in our iconic Yarrowee. The hare had prepared a warning for a particularly treacherous stretch. Of course Mountie fell over before we got there.
Runners safety was ensured as they were escorted through St James school by security.
Bob was welcomed as a new runner. More discord amongst the walking clan.
Rear Entry returned and was advised to protect his reconstructed innards in the likelihood of  overly humourous charges.
Her Vag and Plucka have run 100 times altogether.
An attachment depicting Normal in groping mode was found to be difficult to delete so do not open at work -especially on my bosses computer. Thanks Rowdy. More work for the IT bloke.
Fluid Movement made an early bid for the Tight Arse award by hitting the bain-marie early.
Hash Cash had been apprehended during the week, making off with a charity tin. Well done to those carrying out the citizen's arrest.

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