Saturday, November 15, 2014

RUN 1690 Venue: Alfredton PS Hare: Candida 10 November 2014

Shit!  Still haven’t handed in my assignment.  I will have to suck up to the teacher.  Bugger it! I’ll go straight to the principal.  That’s a 1IC of ALF which must be way better than 2IC of LINT, what’s next up the ladder there is no glass ceiling in this field.
The novelty events rolled on.  The gym was full of sweaty Hashers in school uniform (including the usual bloke-ettes) foreplaying games.  Then all outside for a lap of the oval, butt for the Billy Goat who jumped the fence and risked being processed by roaming around the old abattoir.
The Sprint Heats and the gerbils were on in earnest. Candida laeing us all with coloured neck bands, Roadrunner displaying his handicap being a lack of handicapping  skills.  The first few to finish in each heat were through to the final.  SS had just had a caffeinated milkshake and dashed for the line Dumb and Dumb were neck and neck but SOS flew home late to beat all but the wily old silver fox.
Heavy was on security at the gate watching through binoculars so he would not miss anything to screw. The Bill came and went while Normal waited outside the Principal’s office while more of the genial genital games went on in the Gym again.  Heads up arses in the tunnel ball and the naked twister mat game was a blast. Rear Entry, the rabid rabbit was again running rampant and even raised a legitimate sweat, his first at hash!
SS gets to hold a trophy for his sprint victory until his positive swab comes back.  Roadrunner was a rock of support for his darling Candida. The Party pies were scalding hot as they should be, tempered by tommy’s horse.
Formalities ensued; Welcomes back to Wilson, one of Spartacus’ old Volley Ball mates, Mounty and Pus Bucket had also returned.
Approaching significance in the book were Mounty’s 997 and Rowdy’s 998 (not counting the Balls Up runs)  close enough for a drink anyway. Plucka ZZ.  Melbourne Cup Sweep results were announced and prizes prised out of the coiffeurs.  Much went straight into SS’s MoFovember collection, a hat full of hope for Men’s Health.
Pink bits Floyd educationalist ditty theme song for Heavy’s nightly screw; (edited for legal reasons and taste?)
I think I need some medication

I think I need some taut control

I’ve got some flexion in my manhole

Hey Candida… try not to bare your soul

All in all there’s just a…nother prick in your hall

Sergeant Spencer Hocking tip toed through charges to not upset Normal, all in all he was in the hall. Pouring part charges into our pert host Candida was a favoured past-time. Roadrunner for rooting the teacher. Heavy volunteered a new clog to chug from before it got tinea taint. And there were many more including one for the on-her-knees grog master, FM

All in all it’s just a nother good night for us all!  Full of fun and frivolity and just a wee bit different. On After well attended at Top Eureka.

Next Week’s Run: Morrisons, Dollys Creek Road Hare;  Half A Bar and Bar Liquor Theme; Golden Fleece & Remembrance

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