Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Run 1388 Haddon Gun Club

Hi Everyone

Another run down & 8 to go!!! but who's counting.

We welcomed back Penny Farthing Kia Ora e hoa. Hope you enjoyed your holiday in En Zud. Peter (Spencers next door neighbour) & Cleaverage & Heavy.

Significant runs: Mastabait 1050, Carmilla 55 & Chris Cross 609.

Congratulations to Bear Box & Jethro on their wedding this weekend & a special conrats to Moose Burger who announced she is on the way to becoming an Aussie citizen.

From all accounts the run was good. A bit straggly & mostly on the tarmac - wasn't it a bush run!! Typical male - can never find the right spots amongst the bush.
Drink stop was great. Lots of drinks for everyone.

Even had some lights this time. Gets a bit boring doing it with the lights off all the time.

Thanks Donuts for giving us all those little pink things. I'm sure they will come in handy.

I need the Awards to start coming back so I can get them engraved for this years fantastic awardees. Trouble is last years GM can't remember who he gave them to. Could the holders please take them down off your mantlepieces & give them to me. Ta

Next weeks run is Criss Crosses at the National Hotel, Fraser St, Clunes.

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