Monday, January 19, 2009

Run 1384

Hi all

What a hot run that was. I guess only SS could get us tarts all hot & sweaty on a hash run. Even at 67yrs he still has it.

Maybe you young blokes could learn a thing or two from the old master. Esp given you all confessed you can't screw properly & are relying on the 'oldies' to bring along 'the tarts with tits'.

Welcome to the new runner Chris aka Weaner.

Welcomes back to Exit, Phukwit Phil, Cleavage, Tim & Allan.

Significant Runs: Carpet Burns - 66 That is suxty sux for those who can't speak UnZud.

New shoes: Weaner

Run/walk was pretty enjoyable, esp as SS managed to lead us through the local rubbish dump as well. He even turned up to the wet check in a car with a matching number plate. I guess that number plate would come in handy, esp when you take Vibes on a date.

Also, it's hard to believe that someone actually tried to 'out dumb' Dumb & Dumber but Sqizzy had a good go at it.
Lucky for him I was the only witness to this deft piece of driving as he tried to run his matchbox car over a ditch only to be stranded jammed on the top of the ditch. There they sat swaying from the front left wheel to the back right wheel. The two of us tried to push it back only to see Sqizzy disappear under a spray of dirt as the front wheel dug in but didn't grip.
At this point our savior arrived. Yep none other than D & D himself who promptly sat me & Num Num in the boot for weight - yeah thanks for that!! and pushed it out.
I'm not sure what was worse. Being stuck or being saved by Dumb & Dumber.
Anyway, lucky I was the only witness cos Squiz knew his secret would be safe with me.

Next weeks run is at Spencer Hockings place in Durham St. It is Australia Day theme & the On After is at same venue & is a Spit.
Usually a good Aussie party is a BBQ then a spit but this one is just the spit!!

Don't forget the Black Tie Night is coming up. Names & $30 to Bad Hair Day please.

On On
Lois Lane

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