Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day Run 1385

Gidday Mates

Not sure how to say that with a kiwi excent!!

Good to see so many patriotic hashers decked out in various Australian clothing. The walkers looked like we were on a crusade with P.E carrying that great big flag.

We had a new runner. 'Pueder' from next door. He is most welcome back as I saw him trying to contribute money for the drink stop. I must let him know when my next run is.

I went with the palindromic theme for the significant runs for obvious reasons.
Road Runner 525, Excess Baggage 55 & Chris Cross 606.
Also had a couple of good roots, oops I mean square roots. Num Num & Easy Rider.

In keeping with the good ole Aussie volunteerism all the volunteer Australians were recognized & Spencer Hocking was awarded the 'Sam Kick-a Bitch' Unaustralian of the year award for cooking beef & not lamb on the spit.

Run was great, esp the run through 'pervert bush'. R.A did a good job with the weather & to top off the night we had fireworks.
Shame about the cricket though. I reckon that bat Carpet Burns found on the run without the handle was actually Ricky Pontings & the handle was stuck up his arse by one of the South Africans.
For all you early leavers, Mountie & Snags turned up late. We were pub stop number 12!!!
Snags put the bat on the spit so you can expect to be playing for our very own hash ashes when he has his cricket night in a few weeks.

Well, the social season is upon us. Don't forget the Black Tie trip on Monday. Bus leaves the City Oval at 6pm.
Also start looking that hot red number for the following week. It is the Red Dress Run & will be at Silics place 13 Howitt St.

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