Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thomas 1/2 a Bar Crapper Run

How appropriate this run was held on the the International Day of the Toilet cos if anyone could have a crap run Tommy could.

1/2 a Bar failed to grasp the concept of actually having a trail to follow and the other concept of having the drink stop close to the end of said trail. I know we live in a big, wide country but I don't think, in hash terms, 5kms is considered close to the end!!

We had 1 new runner - Kerry & welcomed back Peter, who was a new runner on 1/2 a Bar's run last year. (Can you believe he actually came back.)
Both of these runners put the rest of us to shame by actually running the 5kms from the drink stop back to the cars while the rest of us squashed into a few cars. They will learn that we aren't actually runners one day.

Significant runs. Carpet Burns 60, Ellie May 160, Num Num 166

The one bright spot for the night was the meal (thanks to Julie not turning up to complain) but even that was spoiled by the cops waiting for us all one the way home after we had enjoyed a few ales.

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