Monday, November 17, 2008

Donuts Electrifying Run

Hi everyone

I'm sure you all enjoyed the run last night despite the cold wind. Donuts did well to take care of all possible contingencies.
Not only did he have a water stop on the run in case it was too hot but a hot wired fence for those who found the night a bit cold. Very thoughtful Donuts.

We welcomed back Drambuie, Remote, Heavy & Cleavage. Welcome back also to the newly weds Squizzy & Mooseburger....or was that Furburger after the honeymoon.

Significant runs: Cleavage 169, Candida 123 & Rocky & Drambuie who came together on 789.

Welcome to Lester the Molester & Scrubber from Western Suburbs. They were promoting their AGM on 2 Dec.
Ok... so I did wrongly accuse them of stealing our book but they did look like a couple of deviants and given they were from the highly suspect Western Suburbs hash what was I to think.
Sorry Bent Nose, but your character references don't count for much.

Shafted was shafted last night and got 4 down downs for the price of one. We are down to 4 glasses after Shafteds' run. All you wine connissuers (oops spelling?) who kept hold of the glasses to drink your vino in BRING THEM BACK.

Next weeks run is Half a Bar/Bras run at the Meredith pub. It is the one off the main road (the main rd pub is shut down anyway).
The meal will cost $15 for 2 courses. Fish or chicken with apple crumble for desert.

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