Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Hi Everyone

Your leader is back. The rellies have headed back to Scotland after a 3 week tour of our adopted country. Found out all the family secrets & the answer to that age old question 'what do Scotsman wear under their kilts'

I am also found out that speaking softly is a family trait!!! We are born with that curse.

Back to Hash matters.. Once again Glider put in a lot of work to make his Melbourne Cup night a great success. Great effort.

Significant runs this week were BP 838. Me 515 & Half a Bra 414.

Congratulations Squizzy & Moose Burger on your wedding this Saturday. Snags never had his bridesmaids on hand to share in the celebrations so Mounty got a guernsey as the stand in bridesmaid for the night.

Don't forget the venue change for next weeks run. It is now a BBQ at the Buninyong Gardens.

On On
Lois Lane

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