Monday, March 5, 2018

5 - 3 -'18     Run 1869    219 Coalmine Rd.

SHAFTED's 'Bro' Run', that saw the skinny Foster 'Gary', & 
FOP's bro' Travis roll up with 30+ in all. SHAFTED was early
for a change, & quickly berated anyone who came late. He 
said the run was marked in pink paint, blue ribbon & quinoa
( HALF A BAR, it's "kin wah") flour, straight away relegating
ROWDY to the walker's fold - can't be having those colours!
Trail began behind the shed, & followed the very recently
mown track to the little bit of circle work, & then into the 
bush. FASCINATOR sqwarked all the way (like the swearing
bird on it's perch), hoping that SHAFFY would take over his
mantle of shithouse run. Seen on the run, was the remnant 
of a drink-stop from 2 years ago - plastic bag full of empties.
A lot of bush bashing & we came across the Drink-Stop, 
where the "fit-bitters" debated the length of the run - 
between 8.6 & 9.9km, when SHAFFY thought the dislexia 
kicked in - 6.8. D&C was looking for water, but it was
"all frozen" into little cubes at the bottom of the Esky.
GEORGE PELL - ICAN appeared from the shed nearby, 
along with the chilli chips.
At the On After, FOP welcomed back Gary - the bro' from
another Mother, & virgin runner Travis (as MOUNTIE 
announced) the dumb-shit bro', along with his Down Down
mentor CRUTCHLESS - she'd also forgotten the Down Down
glasses.             (he's the meanest ........... ).
FASCINATOR began the screwing, saying that it was nicely
marked, but it was as long as the Bradman average - 9.9, 
& must have been set by 6 bros - Gary even ran his own
On Backs. Fascination level of 69, then 'yawn' (Shitty Trail),
& MOUNTIE, a drink for reading from the song sheet.
Sergeant SPENCE had a charge for BITCHFACE - last week
signed the book as Susie No 7 run, then, this week
as BITCHFACE No 6 run.
Next was the siblings charge for FOP & Travis, SHAFTED
                     (Oh, the wiggle of her arse .......... ).
DIMWIT drank up for not wanting to own the gag - birds in
the hand vs one on the face.
Late comers DIMWIT & PEBBLES were out - Navigator
PEBBLES sent them the wrong way for the 2nd year in
succession, & made DIMWIT short of diesel again - (top
half of the tank is always good DIMWIT).
The wounded (the bleeders) from the run were next, 
blood. PUSBUCKET already had scabs on his shin - was 
that from MOUNTIE being "down the other end", after the
30th Anniversary fun last week?
               (ROWDY's chorus - Only women bleed !!).
joined by PRECIOUS, because they all "went down on"
the rail track.
FOP charged HER VAG for her big pink C, & then
NUTCRACKER was called out for her pink bits.
LOIS LANE had DONUTS out for walking to the big log 
saying, "Think I'm gonna pull that off".
NUTCRACKER had a drink for describing her camping
as intense (in tents), BITCHFACE wondered if it was a cow
or horse in the paddock, but then SHAFTED has bought a
few horses that have turned out to be cows.
FASCINATOR didn't want to "cross the line", but charged
CRUTCHLESS anyway, for taking HER FANNY away for the
weekend, making him a w/end batchelor, but he party'd 
along with SHAFTED , PLUCKA & Paul Bearer, then
SHAFFY had another drink for escorting CRUTCHLESS to
the loo, & holding the door ..... only slightly open.
PUSBUCKET gave ROWDY a drink for (if nothing else),
standing in front of the '3 old poofs'.
SS had the 'in absentia' charge for NORMAL, so DIMWIT
drank - was all about MASTABAIT & BENT NOSE being away,
he had no chauffeur. He phoned D&C who said she "wasn't 
going tonight", then she promptly drove out. He phoned SS,
who couldn't help, then left a voice message for BHD, who 
thought NORMAL was about to offer a ride to Lal Lal. In the
end, NORMAL said that he couldn't be stuffed going, that he
would spend the night with his wife - you missed out on "the
sex & running at the mighty Sovereign Hash" NORMAL.
                   (Put it in your hand Mrs Murphy, it spits
                         when you jerk it up & down ..... ).
1st run of autumn & it's not that cold, but NUM & DUMB both
had the winter Katmandu's on, BITCHFACE had a drink for 
wearing MOUNTIE's top, & NUTCRACKER, one for 
Bill of Fare was BBQ snags in bread, spaghetti & bol sauce,
home grown cherry tomatoes, chilli & basil. NUTCRACKER
had a feast on the basil - just thinking about 'Barry'.
Oh, & Easter (sorry holiday) Eggs.

Next weeks run - 1870 - Committee Run from the BBQ's at the 
western end of the new playground opposite Loreto College.
Do we need to leg-rope SPENCER HOCKING?  

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