Monday, November 20, 2017

20 - 11 - '17   Run 1851   State Forest Rd.

DONUTS' usual bush run & On After at home, that had 30+ 
turn up. 1 stubby en route was enough for 'Ma Draver' to sail
straight thru' the intersection at bitumen's end, to find some 
old rain soaked run markers pinned to trees, sending us 
another 5km into the Enfield Forest. We eventually 
back-tracked to find GLIDER & HALF A BAR  guarding the 
Drink-stop, & proceeded to settle the dust with them. 
No idea of what the run/walk was like, but at least it was 
thru' the bush, in great weather & obviously kept runners & 
walkers pretty well together. PLUCKA & FASCINATOR were 
impressive, sorting out the traffic jam as we left the On On, 
for DONUTS' place. How did THE BILL get to drive 'Kermit'
all that distance on the gravel?
At the circle, FOP 1st called out all the Red Dress Runners,
for a drink on account of the great $650+ collection for the 
Soup Bus.          ..... "They are bastards" .....
Welcomes back to BEERFUCK, PAULINE & PIMP
FASCINATOR was late cumming, but up for a DONUTS screw,
saying "it would be easy with the hole", but then he wouldn't 
be able to touch the sides. A good bush run with a fascination
level of 8.3 with a 1.2 bush bonus.       ..... "Shitty Trail" .....
Sergeant SPENCE's 1st charge - HALF A BAR was looking at 
the Songbook upside down   ..... "Hymn, hymn f*ck hymn" .....
Next came FOP, forgetting GLIDER's 700th run, & not 
handing the $10 vouchers to HER VAG, MOUNTIE, BP &
SPENCE - then came the call of 'inside job' !!
DIMWIT had a drink for walking round the circle, just looking
for new runners, then NUTCRACKER was asked to describe
a 'quick lay' (?)
PRECIOUS was heckled to 'get a life', for coming to Hash 
& not to schoolies - maybe he's a good Hash man !!
GLIDER was there with his copy of The Australian 
(as he does), & went into a long yarn about Mungo Man's
'return to ground' ceremony. The charge turned out to be for
FOP, as the reburial of the Mutti Mutti Man was run by
leader J Kelly, then SS reckoned FOP would be Mango 
Mango Man.
QUICKDICK was out there dropping his pants to reveal
'he's green', then LOIS LANE had CHRIS CROS out for
the gag about "both Sons are gay, so does anyone like a 
woman?" - yes my wife !!
DIMWIT had his right hand bandaged, & being right-handed, 
how was he going to have a wank?
BP had a drink to celebrate being the new Grand Mattress
of PMT Hash, then FOP got the 'Mugabe impeachment charge' -
SOS was almost impeached when he wouldn't leave !!
PEBBLES & BHD were out for some gag (?) about a hairy wife,
then DUMB & DUMBER charged NORMAL for the crossword
clue in The Age - writer of the opera was J Gay.
PIMP had to phone DUMBER for directions, after following
the 'old run' signs, then SILIC had a charge for not picking up
REAR ENTRY - but they said he should have been 
congratulated instead.
(It's getting dark by now & I can't see the pen - where's the
light DONUTS?).
MOUNTIE charged DIMWIT for thinking it was PLUCKA (?),
then DUMBER charged MOUNTIE for laundering the stand-in
jumper & wanting it back again.
FASCINATOR gave FANG a drink for getting them both 
bushed, then BENTNOSE said PLUCKA had never eaten so
much protein in her life, by swallowing that fly. 
      .....'Nipples on her tits'.....
DIMWIT was up to tell us about the Hash run in Saigon & 
FOP had 2 tickets for something more about the Soup Bus.
BBQ snags & steak, with bread, salads & pasta were very 
enjoyable 'around the round' fire.

Next week's run, 1852 - Hare FASCINATOR from
Crown Hotel, Buninyong.

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