Monday, October 23, 2017

23 - 10 -'17   Run 1847   Brown Hill Pub

The Combined Effort Run from "The Brown" (Rear Entry's 
old Office). We had the Hash 40 roll up for the Virgin Hare
NUT CRACKER, the run spruiker DAZED & CONFUSED, &
the run setter, Horn Man PEBBLES.
FOP welcomed 2nd time runners George & Anne "put your
hand up Anne", but we couldn't, she was sitting on a stool.
When D&C rose to spruik the run, the cry was "stand up", 
but she was already. She went on to say "the run is about 5",
"5 what?" asked the chorus. On on out the front, & it was a 
welcome bush run, tho' a figure 8 trail. PEBBLES obviously
quoting the DIMWIT book, said, "at the top of this hill, we go
down". Further on, as they were coming away from a long
on-back on Water St., were THE (BILL & BEN)T NOSE, the 
flower pot men. The run finished at the 'U-tunda' down past
the Pub, with the Cascade Light drink-stop - PUSBUCKET
noticeably absent from the esky.
At the circle, FOP had welcomes for George & Anne, and 
Broken Hill Ben, then welcomes back for SPENCER 
FASCINATOR was there to screw the run, but who does he 
screw? He reckoned a "Trump" run - no-one sets a run like
D&C, but it turned out a "fake" run - not set by the Hare.
The sniffyc*nts of 1847? - the last time a virgin was found
in Ballarat. He said, " a good run, went under the freeway, 
up, round & down the hills". "What do you give a virgin?" 
- "about 10 inches", they said, but FASCINATOR would 
have to do it 10 times!! Fascination level of 8.9, then the 
"Shitty Trail".
Sergeant SPENCE had drinks for the stand-ins during his
absence - BENT NOSE, QUICK DICK & ROWDY, & as all 
DR's drink, you too DR DEATH & JITTERBUG. "You're
stupid ..... you're so f*cking dumb".
CHRIS CROS had a drink for DIMWIT messing up the "time" 
of his recent flight, then PUSBUCKET one for 
SPARTACUS messing up the "day" of his flight.
NUT CRACKER & HALF A BAR were next for the question
"how did you get your name?" - cracking nuts for Tommy
during his haircut.
REAR ENTRY handed out the 'yellow & black' song sheets,
but he still couldn't remember the words, then SILIC charged
him for having song sheets, when everyone already knew the 
song ....... "Him ........ him ....... f*ck him". 
JITTERBUG met that "Dirty Old Clown" ZIG at the Sydney
Hash Bash, then SILIC was out there for losing 2 stone, but
he's really got 1 left.
NUMMY got the arse from her job, but now lecturing at the 
Uni, then the birthday boys had a drink - DUMBER for the 
'69' that was a 68, & BHD to celebrate on 'Guy Hawkes Day'
with THE BILL & the late ARSO ( AH SO?). MOUNTIE was
out there as well, for the PMT 50.
SS charged SHAFTED for the Mining Prospectus that read,
"Rodney Foster - a competent person", then GLIDER 
charged HALF A BAR for looking squeaky clean on 
Landline, but not so in The Weekly Times article, that 
showed the "sheep shaggings in the shearing shed".
D&C wondered why NUTCRACKER & PEBBLES came back
from setting the run "all wet & soggy", then PUSBUCKET
questioned GLIDER on his "sporran".
SPENCE called out Broken Hill Ben for using his phone 
at Hash, & it turned out to be Ben's Birthday as well......
"Hashy Birthday ....... f*ck you".  
BENT NOSE charged NUMMY for her words in the Melbourne
theme song, "heart beats for the red WHITE & blue", then
DR DEATH to BAR LICKER for her saying to him as she 
arrived at the Pub, "Hello you".
SPENCE had FASCINATOR out there for "using" the hole
in the Unwin Barrel, but the f*ckER said the "hole was 
too small", and then CHRIS CROS & MASTABAIT had a drink
for losing by a mile at the trivia night.
That'll do ......

Next week's run - 1848 - Hare SPENCER HOCKING from
Bull's Eye Pizza Cafe, Creswick. Just north of the American.

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