Monday, October 2, 2017

2 - 10 -'17   Run 1844   Nuggety Dam

ROWDY's "Rainbow Theme of Love" run, full of the
technicolour & Where's Wally dress-ups - even a lovely
little butterfly with a BENT NOSE. That same little 
butterfly was seen to "take a dive" whilst trying to 
launch a rainbow kite into a tree. 
About 26 attendees - 11 off for a bush run, 2 "chefs"
left to scrape the rust off the BBQ plate, & I s'pose the
rest off for a walk, if only to the drink-stop, SILIC.
BHD led the athletes away from most of the on-backs,
( ahmm - see what I did then?), 'led them away',
er ...  last to arrive leads them away.
We found a well stocked foam esky behind a tree
somewhere, full of Furphys. On home, & everyone
latched onto some firewood to have a go at being a
pyro, & build the camp fire, very close to the "burnt
Hash tree" from years past - soon it was a roarer.
FOP had welcomes back for intrepid campers NORMAL
& MASTABAIT, back from FNQ, CHRIS CROS from
Noosa, DR DEATH from O.S. & the sickly SHAFTED
DONUTS from their death beds....... "They are piss pots
so they say ......." 
Sniffyc*nt runs for Katrina's 'lovely legs 11', & ROWDY's
somewhere in between 3 lovely legs.
Stand - in Screw PEBBLES, complete with headband
blindfold, gave the run a '13', for at last having a bush 
run & BBQ, even tho' it was up & down hills, but 
at least it was in the daylight, & we managed to dodge
all of the mineshafts.
Yet another Stand - in was Grogmaster PLUCKA.
Stand - in Sergeant BENT NOSE's 1st charge was for 
the absent DUMB & DUMBER - "you'll do PEBBLES",
- something (?) about crackers in the car upsetting
MOUNTIE charged 'little butterfly' BENT, for going 
arse over head with the kite launch, then REAR ENTRY
(feckin' hopeless) for not knowing the Yellow & Black 
theme song, & all the whingers complaining about the 
'away strip'....... "you're stupid ..... so feckin' dumb ....!!"
PLUCKA & THE BILL left their cars at 5 Ways, & had 
their personal chauffeur GLIDER drive them in. Not 
much light at the BBQ site - not even a 'candle lit' 
table for 2.
PEBBLES had 2 drinks - 1 for something (?) about no 
cars on Friday, another for the "blind going down 
on him".
MOUNTIE charged BHD for asking PLUCKA "was it 
come or cum" this way during the run, then BENT 
charged NORMAL - 1st for being Gay, then for trying 
to take over as soon as he got back from his trip.
DR DEATH got 2 drinks - 1 for the 'woody on the run', 
then the phone tucked in the sock at the Master's 
Games...... &, as all Doctors drink together .......... 
up you come ROWDY.
NORMAL then went into a whole epistle about the trip
away, just to give old mate MASTABAIT a drink. They'd
arranged to meet up down the track in a couple of hours.
MASTABAIT headed off 1st & should've been in front, 
but went the opposite direction, & finished up a 
couple of hours behind.
HEAD HUNTER, Katrina (or was that DONUTS?), & 
ROWDY had Birthday drinks, then "real" Religious
Advisor MOUNTIE took over the spotlight with a 
Christening for Katrina .... "enjoy the sex & running"
......... arise ..... NUT CRACKER.

Next week's run, SPARTACUS from somewhere -
TBA ... bet it's from the 'Office'.

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