Tuesday, September 19, 2017

18 - 9 - '17    Run 1842   110 Pleasant St.

BENT NOSE's run from home, where actual Trail Master 
NUM NUM was stand-in Choir Master. 17 starters made the 
cut, with no need to wait for the usually late SHAFFY
FOP welcomed new runner Isabelle (BP & BENT's Grand
Daughter & viola student), who instantly became 1 of the 8
walkers. BENT assured us all that it WAS a great run, but 
thanks to the precipitation .........!!
There was no horn, not even a stand-in, ( just "lowering 
the bar" a bit further), but NUMMY's question was "who's 
got a horn then?"
JITTERBUG came prepared to be a bar-fly, but there were
no other takers, or even a bar - had it been lowered?
The walkers went west to Russell St, then joined together
with the athletes, at the Crowny drink-stop - the take away
opposite the Bunch of Grapes. No bin for the empties, so
back in, together with the unopened ones.
Back in the garage, the nibbles, dips & lolly jar ( lovely 
bullets) circulated prior to the down downs.
FOP welcomed Isabelle to the BENT NOSE Extravaganza,
& her lemonade down down was 'under instruction' from BP.
Stand-in Screw ROWDY mentioned that the "usually anally
retentive, excessive compulsive" Hare had made no 
provision for the empty's, & the run was 'as tight as fish's
arse' - same as the Hare? NUMMY & ROWDY followed the
(non existent?) trail, but not the Hare. 
Score? Not silver, gold, 7, 8, 9, Elephant stamp - no, it got
a Fish stamp, then followed the S.H.I.T.T.Y trail.
Stand-in Sergeant, the Hare Himself, declared a miracle 
on the run - BP found an errant $5 note, that got a heap
of claimants.
DONUTS charged JITTERBUG for suggesting that it was
him in the photo of the Cum Shop, then GLIDER presented
JITTERBUG with her cake box (from last week) & a drink,
to everyone's chorus of "Feckin' get over last week GLIDER"
DUMB & DUMBER charged FOP for only looking at the 
cleavage in the photo of the Ladies Hash christening - he
didn't realize that it was his sister-in-law.
NUMMY charged GLIDER for beginning his 2nd 40 years
of Hash, then birthday boy FOP for being alive for 44 years.
SOS called out BENT as a 'shed drinker', having a heap of
grog labels on hand, then MOUNTIE charged 
DAZED & CONFUSED for splashing in a shicky on the run -
another stand-in, DONUTS drank up for her, in place of
the absent NORMAL
During the conversation of the Harriettes stradling the 
grave, PLUCKA had a drink for her question "Where is
HEAVY, is he in Ballarat?"
HALF A BAR wasn't even here, but at this point, Isabelle
was escorted inside, to escape any more 'language'.
FOP charged D&C for saying " PEBBLES didn't give me
a horn tonight!", then MOUNTIE to SOS for getting his
balls misaligned on the run - indeed, "did one drop?"
As numbers were down, ROWDY then gave everyone who
hadn't been charged, a drink.
About a dozen then ventured to the Pizza Shop for food,
& the obligatory "fain wain".

Next week's run, MOUNTIE's Brownlow Night at Miner's
or the Athletic - TBA.

Next week's, next week run, ROWDY's Rainbow Run at
5 Ways / Nuggety Dam - TBA. 

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