Monday, September 11, 2017

11 - 9 -'17     Run 1841   Bunch of Grapes

Love affair is back on - I'm voting Yes!!  6:30pm & I get 
the call - "they" want to pick me up.

GLIDER's '40th Year of Hash' run, & as FOP posted, "let's
celebrate the start of his next 40 years". 36 fronted up, even
Family - GLIDER's cousin BANDUNG BARRY from D & E.
FOP mentioned the lots of faces we haven't seen in a while,
then welcomed virgin runner Amy (from USA), who was 
made to cum by JITTERBUG.
GLIDER said the run was about 5.5k, & proceeded to hand
out 4 envelopes to the 'responsible' ones, to get started. 
PLUCKA's envelope was No1, & directed us to the 
'gates of hell' at St Pat's College - Father who?? TEFLON
was quickly out of the blocks, & maintained a good lead
with the aid of his 'glider wings'. After 'the gates', it was 
to the boat shed at the lake, on to the Western Pub, then
to the well stocked Drink-stop at FOP's place, helped 
along from the Pub by BANDUNG's intermittent call 
of 'slack arses'.
Back at the circle we almost ran out of grog in an instant,
welcoming Amy & BANDUNG, then welcomes back for
FASCINATOR.   PUSBUCKET missed the call, eventually
walking in with a handful of beers, to the tune of 'Him,
him, feck him'.
Screw FASCINATOR (no stand-in there FOP), said the 
start of the run was 'interesting', with the 4 envelope
start. CHRIS CROS & BHD were late to 'the gates', 
( I hung back thinking that Father might have been 
lurking!!). Anyway, FASCINATOR said it turned out
to be a fantastic run, with a Fascination Level of 45 ........
....... S.H.I.T.T.Y trail etc.
Here's your stand-in .... Sergeant BENT NOSE's 1st
was the smurf charge for SOS & HYMIE, but of course
they're not old enough to remember. HYMIE was straight
back with a charge (?) for  BENT that brought out the
'Your stupid .... so fecking dumb' song.
BENT then charged EXIT & BANDUNG for their part in
setting the run, & SILIC for saying that he would actually
be 'going for a walk'.
FOP called out REAR ENTRY for the Richmond win, then
BANDUNG charged SOS for his ridiculous hairstyle (that
BHD is gonna' get next time!!).
EXIT was charged for 'bending over & shoe tying' right at
the moment SS strolled by - totally oblivious of the 'chance
he'd missed'.
FOP charged JITTERBUG for driving off last week with the
book in hand, then BENT to Amy for all the things she 
claimed she knew about OZ, but not the 'Drop Bears'.
TEFLON took a charge for having a 'Yankee' (Amy) in 
place, seeing as we have just gotten' rid of the other
one, GILF for a while.
SHAFFY charged BAR LICKER for having a 'spotted'
top on, & standing back not wanting to be 'spotted', then
Grog Master CRUTCHLESS was made to drink a 'full' glass,
seeing as she'd only been giving us 'halves'. 
& SHAFTED the horse charge, then was charged herself,
for admitting that the shearer had been 'in & out' at least 
20 times while they were away. 
Then ROWDY had a charge (?) for FOP, & GLIDER to
JITTERBUG for the Cake Knife (?) or some-et, & a few
charged for GLIDER dress-ups - BP, Katrina & D&C.......!

The Bar & Kitchen were obviously overwhelmed by the
huge Monday night roll-up - much waiting by many!!!

It's a pity we didn't have a candle to top off the 'romantic
crustacean-less dinner table' for PLUCKA & THE BILL.

Next week's run - Hare BENT NOSE, 110 Pleasant St. Sth.   

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