Saturday, May 28, 2011

Terribly Sad News

"Hi all, Leigh here, terribly sad news unfortunately, Mum (after progressing pretty well over the last few days) last night in the middle of the night had a major complication with her lungs and then her condition deteriorated fairly rapidly from there. The staff at Ballarat base hospital ICU threw everything but the kitchen sink at it but unfortunately the damage to Mum's lungs was too much. Mum passed away peacefully this afternoon surrounded by family and friends. It is a tragedy for us all, only tempered by the knowledge that she knew we were all there, and she knew she had the best wishes and thoughts of so many friends. She fought and fought and her spirit was strong but unfortunately her body was not able to carry on. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, we would love to see you all together at Mums service to share a smile and a hug as you know that is what she would want more than anything. Time/date of service to be advised."

Tommy we are so terribly sad for you.

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