Monday, May 16, 2011

For your Information

A facebook post from Half a Bra's son Leigh last night at about 11pm

"All good news with mum now off the ventilation and with all tubes removed! She is breathing well and able to be awake and alert although still needs lots of rest. Mum - "Why would I need to rest when I've been asleep for days!" She is comfortable and they will probably move her out of the Base hospital ICU ward into St John of God Ballarat over the next day or so. She is now going to be looking at working at physical recovery from the pneumonia and also just resting and getting strong. We are all so relieved and grateful for the wonderful doctors and ICU nurses at Ballarat Base Hospital. So yes we (and I'm sure all friends and relatives) are very happy and looking forward to getting mum home and getting on with life and the job of ignoring Tom's repeat versions of his stories. Thanks again to all for support (on behalf of Tom and Joy and family)."

Great news Tommy and Joy. Our thoughts have been with you through all this and we are so pleased to hear that things are going so well.

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