Monday, June 2, 2008

Run 1351

Hi Fellow Hashers

Thanks Candida & Road Runner for a short but sweet run. Would have been a great run but alas, Deep Heat finally turned up.
Doesn't always pay to short cut!!!

A Super congratulations to SS our Super Sonic runner. 1200 runs is a mammoth effort & here's to many more. Well done SS.

Welcome back to The Bill . The new eyes must be working cos he actually called trail last night.
Welcome back also to Drop Kick, Hoppy & Remote.

Welcome to Tum our new runner. Hope to see you back next week.

Thanks Mountie for being an honourary Kiwi for the night & wishing the Queen a very happy NZ birthday. I know you will be at the front of the queue next week as well to wish her a very happy Aussie birthday as well.

Thanks to those runners who went to the Corio Bay run on Saturday. We got a numb bum for the effort but had a lot of fun.

Next weeks run is at the Royal Mail & the On After is at Top Eureka.

A reminder from Mountie that her PJ run is now at the Bended Elbow on 16/6 & not the Harriers Club as first advertised. Looking forward to all those who sleep in the nude!!

Have a safe Queens Birthday Weekend, esp those that are travelling.

On On
Lois Lane

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