Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Parmas N Pyjamas Run

Thanks Mountie for an enjoyable run & to see everyone dust off their jarmies and accessories and take to the streets. I think Rowdy would have been the only one who could have made any money on a street corner though, which is a bit scary.

Mountie was the only runner with a significant run. 713 - Well done.

Welcome to new runner Corinna from Nerinna & welcome back to Excess Baggage, Spencer Hocking & Cox Box.

Fop where were you. We missed you at the down downs. What a shmossle that was.

Corio Bay finally got their book back. It was 'Girl Germed' up as they are a mens only hash. You should know Tarts rock!!

Once again Normal proved he is Hash's biggest loser. How can you spend all day counting your $millions when you can't even add up your runs.
And for those of you who didn't laugh at my Gay (Normal) joke here it is again. What happens when Normal puts a patch on his dick? He cuts himself down to 2 butts a day. Get it, Gay, 2 butts. Oh, never mind.

That reminds me of the hare for next weeks run. Rear Entry. Do you want some of Normals patches?
The run is at the North Britain. See you all there.

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Lois Lane

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