Monday, April 28, 2008

Super Hash Week 3

Hi Fellow Hashers

This weeks run was a trip to Geelong to help Fergie celebrate his 1000th run. Big effort from the big man.

There was a big crowd there & our hash was well represented. All those that went on the trip had a good time catching up with old friends or just taking in the spectacle of their first visit to another hash.

We had no significant runs although our own 1000th runner, SS, got to have a down down with other visiting 1000th runners.

Check out the photos when Mountie posts them. Lots of bum cracks & Fergie look alikes.

Oops, I did try hard to make the night a quiet, fuck free night, by driving through Meredith without picking up 1/2 a Bar & 1/2 a Bra. Were we lucky (I think) someone noticed we had missed them, so had to do a u-turn!
The bus trip was made all the better by Mountie only giving us one rendition of her seagull noises & Bent Nose complained all night the light beer on the bus was crap & no human should have to drink it. All I can say is be very scared, be very very scared at our next down downs as there are many hashers who think you often fit the 'no human' description!

Next weeks run is Dribbles & Shoots' run at Da U Day.

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