Tuesday, April 15, 2008

GM Message Week 1

Hi fellow hashers.

One week down, 51 to go!!

Oops no book this week - "The Bill, where the bloody hell are you?"

Congratulations Mrs Dickhead. She was out first 'SUPER RUNNER' for the Super Hash.
100 runs. Great effort.
Watch this space as we have a few more coming up.

The past 2 mornings I have got into the shower and thought of fucking Squizzy. Keep your minds clean!! As the shower stung those scratches on my legs from the trek across the paddock I have yelled 'Fucking Squizzy!'

A reminder you can nominate award winners as we go. There will be no sheet at the end of the year asking you to stretch your memory back too far.
Squizzy's run has been nominated for 2 awards already. Gee I wonder what they are!!

Next weeks run is at the Ballarat Leagues Club. On After at same venue.
Chris Cross is the Hare.

On On
Lois Lane

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