Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Runs 1354 & 1355

Hi Fellow Hashers

Must apologise for my slackness in posting an entry last week. Have been traumatised by that dog Horrible Horace that D & D calls a pet, after he attacked me & chewed through my $200 boots. Had just finished therapy classes when I received a $138 speeding ticket in the mail, which I got after leaving the scene of the crime. I say put the muzzle on his rear end cos that's where my boot will go when I see him again!!!

We have had no Super Runners in the past few weeks but a few significant runs.
Pebbles 150, Jethro 150, Candida 113, Penny Farthing 567, & last week Road Runner & Dribbles & Shoots came together on 509. Congratulations.
Mustn't forget my own Dumb & Dumber award run when I read in the book Flo was on 50 then realized we had no Flo at Hash & it was actually Flo Jo. Still, take the drink any way you can.

We also had a few 'Welcomes Backs'.
Nelson, Penny Farthing, Out the Front, Haemarroids, Exit, Doughnuts, Chuppa Chup, Jack & Flo Jo & Excess Baggage. Good to see you all again.

Thanks to Cleavage, Mountie D & D & Num Num for making the trip to Lakeside AGM with me.

There were a massive amount of Down Downs at the Nth Britain & a big thanks to Rear Entry for not only organising cheap down downs but having on hand their resident accounting bar fly who made a hefty donation to the Hash coffers.

This weeks run was the Phantom run & what a great job the Phantom did off keeping out of sight! Mind you, given the sight of the only one we had there it was probably a good job.

Drop Kick, I suggest you ask Phuk Wit Phil & Deep about the joke they made at your expense. Despite Phuk Wit trying to flash his balls, on his own admission he never had the balls to tell the joke while you were there. Was very funny though.

JACKETS. The haberdasher will be taking orders for all those hashers who don't have a polo fleece jacket & would like one or those who want to update their old one. They are full zip ones & there will be a variety of colours to choose from & a range of sizes to try on.

Next weeks run is at the Ross Creek Store & the On after is there as well.
The meal is 2 course & will cost $12. Remember it is NOT byo but from memory the cans are $2.50.
The Hares are Jack & Flo Jo & it will be your last chance to catch up with Jack before he heads to Perth. Flo Jo will be with us for a few more runs before she follows him over.

The committee will be thin on the ground next week but I'm sure the stand ins will manage to keep up the extremely high standard we have set!!!!! Normal are you listening.

On On
Lois Lane

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