Saturday, October 16, 2021


RUN #2056, 11 OCTOBER 2021
32 Hashers turned up and signed the book this week. While several fires at the winery kept the bar flies warm and the BBQ was being cooked, the rest of us took off on what was touted as an approximately 4km trail around the local paddocks (that was actually less than 2km long). Everyone seemed to run a 4km PB this week!
Hash Circle began Rowdy charging Big Dog for leaving the Hash plates and cutlery in his shed. A new set was purchased while we could not locate the old set and we now have 2 sets. 🎶 No No No 🎶
Mountie, then stepped up to shag the run and began with a joke about Dim Wit, his smarter brother and the competitive sale of their ducks that finished with a clever punchline that went something like getting a f#@k for a duck, a duck for a f#@k, a truck killed the duck and getting paid for a f#@ked up duck 🤣. Scores were then given for the run: Venue 20, Terrain 2, Marking -5 (arrows were too close to the HH), Drink Stop 25, Groovy Factor 18, giving a total of 60 out of 100. 🎶 Shitty Trail 🎶
Following from the sniffy runs last week, The Bill (1700 runs) and Pebbles (600 runs) were then charged to drink out of their new commemorative pewter mugs 🎶 20 Toes 🎶 and Pebbles received his shirt from last week. Shafted, as Sergeant, then charged our virgin runner, Simon (Dim Wit’s son-in-law) who was subjected to the usual “who made you come?” that he answered with his wife’s name Laura saying that she was on her way down. 🎶 You’re stupid 🎶
Mrs D then charged Dim Wit for helping the elderly with his arrow placement close to the checks. Rowdy stopped for a pee on trail and Juz Cum was charged for asking what’s Mountie doing? 🎶 They ought to be 🎶
Teflon then charged Dim Wit for setting up the hash circle in front of a bunch of fans, while referring to the cold breeze that appeared to be coming from the wind farm in the distance. Mrs D charged D&C for her identifiable voice while she didn’t have her glasses on and Dim Wit charged Mountie for playing golf instead of being at the winery with her sisters over the weekend. 🎶 She’s the meanest 🎶 Rowdy then charged Lois and Pauline for their premature run last week. 🎶 Build a bonfire 🎶
Spencer charged Dim Wit and Half-A-Bar for not knowing what was special about today’s date 11/10/21 where 11 + 10 = 21. Simon was charged for his first run and SS was also charged. 🎶 Soldier Song 🎶 The GM’s were charged for something I didn’t catch and Fang charged Half-a-bar for the sheep on trail. 🎶 Mrs Murphy 🎶 Teflon then charged Plucka for being on TV last night, (there was a Hey Hey it’s Saturday special on TV) and Spence charged Bent for his reminder to do sniffy runs. 🎶 She’s a Harriette 🎶
Sniffy runs of mention went to Dim Wit on 141, Simon on 1, BP on 1250, Nutcracker on 202, and Big Dog on 101. NBCL was then charged for a similar hair cut to Big Dog and it was then that Dim Wit announced that Laura was coming (she was bringing the salads for dinner). Thanks Laura, the salads were good. Mrs D then charged Dim Wit for the charges lasting longer than the run. 🎶 Give us a “A” 🎶 🎶 His One Skin 🎶
To finish up Dim Wit was called upon for a joke. What do you call a man with no children who tells Dad jokes? – A faux pas 🤣
We then moved on to next week’s run. Hare will be Juz Cum. Details and location TBA. The BBQ was served, and wine was available for tasting and purchases throughout the evening.
Next Week’s Run – Monday 18 October 2021, Hare: Juz Cum – Location: TBA

Saturday, October 9, 2021


RUN #2055, 4 OCTOBER 2021
How excited we were to resume Monday night Hash! Despite the cold and crappy weather (thanks Mrs D), there was a pretty good turnout and we had 27 Hashers turn up and sign the book. A small fire kept the bar flies warm, while the rest of us took off on the trail that was around 3.5-4.5km long, depending upon how many short cuts were taken. We followed some very slippery trails through the bush, adjacent to the White Swan Reservoir, and it was amazing that no one fell over. We even had a visit from the local cops towards the end of the run. Thanks go to “The Bill”, who was able to reassure them that all was above board on our “training run”.
Hash Circle began with birthday wishes to Rowdy 🎶 Hashy Birthday 🎶 and also to Dumb, who had a birthday on Tuesday 🎶 F#@k off ya c….🎶 . Mountie, then stepped up to shag the run and began with a Daylight Savings themed joke about Rowdy who had some black shoe polish and had apparently misheard the need to turn his “clock back”. Scores were then given for the run: Venue 22, Terrain 20, Marking 10 (Juz Cum kept asking “where are we?"), Drink Stop 20, Groovy Factor 20, giving a total of 92 out of 100. 🎶 Shitty Trail 🎶
On a personal note, I would like to thank Penny Farthing for holding an umbrella above our heads to enable me to take notes in the drizzle that had set in. Both Sergeants were in attendance and began by charging all the Demon’s supporters. 🎶 It’s a Grand Old Flag 🎶 Bulldogs supporters were then charged and because Cilic wasn’t there, Mastabait, you’ll do. Mountie and NBCL were also charged. 🎶 Build a Bonfire🎶 . Mountie then charged Bent for the lack of replies on his Facebook post regarding the dinner. 🎶 No No No 🎶
Sniffy run shirts were then awarded to The Bill – 1700 runs, Nutcracker – 200 runs and Pebbles – 600 runs (not in attendance). 🎶 20 Toes 🎶 Rowdy then charged D&C for having trouble allocating the T-shirts to the correct people, she was trying to check sizes and did not think to look at the picture of each person on the front of each shirt. The awardees were then charged for not putting on their new shirts, but in their defence, it was raining. 🎶 He’s the Meanest 🎶
Teflon also charged GILF, as a new D’s supporter and Rowdy charged Nummy for a reason I didn’t hear. 🎶 Give us an A 🎶 Mrs D charged Nurse Batshit for returning to hash when the weather was crap and Normal charged Mastabait for saying that lots of oldies live around here, on a previous trail, when he also lives in the same area. Dr Death charged Plucka for parking close to the road, making her walk further to the start of the trail. 🎶 Mrs Murphy 🎶
Chris Cross then charged Rowdy for lots of skid marks on trail and the Sergeants charged The Bill for talking to the cops. Bent was then charged for wanting a charge because he’d run out of beer. 🎶They Ought to be 🎶
We then moved to a Joke Off between Bent and Dim Wit:
Bent – What is a dinosaur’s least favourite reindeer? – Comet.
Dim Wit – Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the toilet? They have a silent P.
The GM’s didn’t get Bent’s joke and Dim Wit’s joke got more giggles, but general consensus was that Mountie’s earlier joke was the best.
Discussion then moved to the postponed Hangi weekend that was schedule for the first weekend in November. An alternative gathering was proposed by Nuts at the Forbes’s Farm in Mitiamo, with meals at the local pub to comply with current restrictions. Camping or accommodation can be arranged. Nuts will need numbers in advance to make appropriate arrangements.
We then moved on to next week’s run. Dim Wit will set a run from Michael Unwin Winery, off Remembrance Drive, Windemere (near the corner of Powells Road). There will be a BBQ dinner, so a call out was made to try to locate the Hash plates and cutlery, as these will be needed next week. 16 Hashers then gathered at Eureka Pizza for the on-after.
Next Week’s Run – Monday 11 October 2021, Hare: Dim Wit – Location: Michael Unwin Winery, off Remembrance Drive, Windemere.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021


 20 h 
RUN #2054, 27 SEPTEMBER 2021
We were released from lockdown and our RA provided lovely weather for Hashers to emerge and complete the post AFL Grand Final Recovery Run set by Spence from Yuille Station Park, Sebastopol. The trail circled the covid testing site at Marty Busch Reserve, took us up and down the BMX track and finished up along the Yarrowee River. There was excellent attendance over the afternoon and hash names were signed on a blue tarp.
18 Hashers then gathered online for the zoom hash circle Monday night. Without Mountie, there was a group shagging of Spence’s run. Discussion was a bit all over the place but I think the following scores were given (happy to be corrected if needed), Venue 20, Terrain 20, Marking 25 (+5 for the bill following trail backwards), Drink Stop 20, Groovy Factor 20 (except for the covid testing area), giving a total of 105 out of 100. 🎶 It’s a Grand Old Flag 🎶
Spencer Hocking, as acting Sergeant, began by getting an update from our out of towners. Fang, who was holidaying in Echuca, and Exit from Bendigo both reported that the weather was lovely there too. So that we didn’t continue with further discussion of the weather, we then moved on to the Sniffy runs from Nutcracker (200) Pebbles (600) and the Bill (1700). This combined added up to 2500 runs which is 50 squared…. 🎶 It’s a Grand Old Flag 🎶
Moving on to charges from before the run, there was something about Pimp or Silic eating a donut (???) and also charges for those who did not know where to find Yuille Station Park, this included D&C and Mountie, but Mountie should have known this location, given the number of Harriers trails that have started there.
Charges from the run went to Head Hunter and Plucka, who are both returning following post-surgery recoveries. On a side note, their total number of runs add up to 345 (thanks Spence). Bent Nose charged Spence for no apples at the drink stop and Mrs D charged Lois Lane, Pauline, Campaspe and Dim Wit for making her feel left out as they all had an accompanying dog on trail.
Nutcracker then charged Mountie for her faux pas comment to Campaspe regarding the recent loss of one of her dogs. Mrs D charged and thanked Bent Nose for wearing shorts instead of lycra, like Chris Cross, and Fang charged SS by wondering if he saw a moth fly out of his Melbourne scarf. This was followed by discussion of how many premierships SS and Dumb had attended. SS attended the 1948 game at age 7 and all other premierships up to 1964. Dumb listed to the 1954 game on the radio (there was no TV then) but has seen all the other games. 🎶 It’s a Grand Old Flag 🎶 Bent then pointed out that Pauline (another Melbourne supporter) had been forgotten from this discussion and Bent and Pauline were then charged. 🎶 No No No 🎶
Head Hunter’s upcoming birthday was mentioned and as we were running out of time we moved on to next weeks run. Since it is daylight savings, Rowdy will set the run from the normal spot at 5-ways. Details TBA by Friday, depending upon weather and covid restrictions. This may be a Monday night run, so this may be the last zoom hash circle. Final comments were, if you’re not vaccinated, don’t turn up, HHH will have compulsory vaccination to protect us all!
Next Week’s Run – Monday 4 October 2021, Daylight Savings Run, Hare: Rowdy – Location: 5-ways off White Swan Rd, Glen Park (intersection of White Swan Rd, Glen Park Rd and Codes Forrest Rd.